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Suggestion: At least one point for an almost completed lesson

It´s a little bit frustrating if you fail a lesson one, two, three steps away from the finishing line. I suggest, that you earn for example 3 Skill points for making 15 correct answers - in case that you fail the lesson. It gives you a better feeling and a more realisic "weekly progress"-view. It´s just fairer

April 7, 2013



You still learn a lot from failing a lesson.


Yes, I've discovered that; I often have to fail a lesson once or twice before learning the "sense" of that lesson, and I don't always have time to go back to successfully complete it during the same session.


I can see where you are coming from, but personally I prefer the all or nothing approach. Getting no points when I fail the 20th Question, makes me concentrate more on being careful on the next run through..... and the one after that... and the one after that....and the one after that... Verdammt :)


I agree. The game is more fun when you don't always win :-)


You have the edge... but I also tell it in my profile "frank-und-frei" :-)


If I get the first question wrong I always restart the lesson. (Every little helps).


I often have limited time to devote to a lesson; If I loose all my hearts, I don't always have time to repeat the lesson. It would be nice to get (even just) a little recognition for those sentences I score right on instead failing the whole lesson for some silly mistake on my part or an error scored on a sentence that is essentially correct, or due to my trouble understanding the computer voice.


theoretically according to what you say, if you were to fail a lesson repeatedly, eventually you could earn more points than someone who actually mastered the skill! To me, that's not fair. in the end, hard work pays off.


If someone really wants to game the system for points, they just have to go practise one of the rare words, where there is only one test question. 2 points over and over again.

I like AllandraRose's idea of some reward - it is disheartening to not get any points after what feels like so much effort. Even though I know points don't mean anything:)

The points system isn't really an accurate score. I think of it as a motivation tool. I see one of my friends has got some more points, so I had better study today as well.


I see. That´s not You and I want - of course.... In this case, probably the programmers can also set a limit "bad try"-Limit (e.g. maximum of 6 Points). But keep in mind that that there already to limits: 1. a person don´t gain any new language level 2. a person also don´t complete any skill ("food", "basic") From my point of view these limitations are quite strong.


Thanks for the suggestion. I know that feeling :) I'll let the rest of the team know.


Thanks. And "emptyeyed" brings also a good point to the discussion.


I do understand the frustration and have missed on the final question many times. That being said, I still prefer the all or nothing. To me, the ability to make 4 mistakes is the built in leeway given to us to salvage a lesson.

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