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  5. "Kēhau eats kālua pig."

"Kēhau eats kālua pig."

Translation:ʻAi ʻo Kēhau i ka puaʻa kālua.

February 11, 2019



How do I get diacriticals on my phone?


On my phone, if I hold "a" for example I get "a"s with seven diacriticals, plus an AE combination, to choose from.


Why wonʻt it take ma instead of i ?


"ma" indicates location. There is no location here. "i" indicates that the "what" is coming - Kehau eats ____. It is basic Hawaiian grammar to use "i" to indicate the "what" that clarifies the verb/action.


Augggh! I was thinking it was an AIA sentence! Must be low blood sugar or something. Sorry about the rookie post. " i " is obviously a grammatical marker of the direct object. ʻAe, mahalo nui. E kala mai!


I think we've all been there! I sure have! No apologies. Someone else will make the same mistake, and they won't have to wait for an answer ; )


So true, Eliza. I know I've been there more often than I care to remember.

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