Is There A Comment Limit On Course Questions?

Today i was posting comments on the Chinese course on the comments and ended up posting around 5 comments in less than 10 minutes. Then, when i clicked comments on the next question, i only got an about:blank or nothing would happen.

i went to google and found a forum question which only gave me a blank page but with the correct URL, but when i logged out or cleared history everything loaded properly. Then, if i refresh while logged in on the forum it goes blank again... is this due to a comment-limiting system that stops people from even being able to SEE comments or was this just a random glitch on my account? Everything worked if i was logged out, and everything returned to normal after 30 minutes, but i was commentless within that period.

February 11, 2019


Probably you clicked too many times or the screen glitched. I'm not sure but that's what I think.

February 11, 2019

I had some similar experiences. Once I could see the number of comments on the phrase was above zero, when I clicked it said no one had commented yet; after making a comment, I could see the rest.

Other times, I wouldn't get the button to the forum section of the phrase.

I also wonder if they're glitches or some kind of moderation (or both). I hate stealth moderation, if I'm doing something bad I want to know about it.

February 12, 2019

i made a similar question about this on the troubleshoot section and a very helpful user said that duo was experiencing latency problems that day - this was very likely the cause of my stuff not loading:

as far as what happened, it definitely wasn't just a small glitch. I tested it multiple times and nothing comment/forum related was loading if i was logged in but was fine if i wasn't.

hopefully this info helps ^_^

February 15, 2019

That makes sense. I had many other glitches that are likely latency-related (lessons not registering and forum posts not saving come to mind). 谢谢!

February 15, 2019
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