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I need help learning

In my favorite game, everyone speaks Indonesian and I don't understand. What should I do? What do I learn first! I know some words but I don't understand what they mean!

February 11, 2019



You can learn here~

However, usually we Indonesians speak in slangs and informal language on the Internet, which most of them are not even taught here on Duolingo. But don't give up! Immersion is also a key, right?

We generally just use different words, so if you keep learning you'll eventually understand what we mean before you even realize it.

Btw, what game is it? I doubt it is the one that I'm thinking right now…


Duolingo refuses to teach slang which is sad. Don't only use Duolingo to learn, my friend told me of this great website called Tandem which you can also use to learn Indonesian if you would. Using Duolingo is not just enough. Also when you feel ready listen to Indonesian bands like Seventeen and Superman Is Dead, or watch Indonesian tv shows/movies like Bedah Rumah. You could even find some movies and TV shows that you like and try to find Indonesian subtitles for them on You Tube/Dailymotion/Vimeo etc etc. Or as well play video games. Imerssian is key in language learning!! Also what is the game called that you play??


Jangan menyerah, sobat!. You can learn many things from here ~ 파이팅!!!


oh, what game is iiit???

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