"The letters in this newspaper are too small."

Translation:Huruf di koran ini terlalu kecil.

February 12, 2019

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Why is huruf-huruf wrong here? Thought that is how you do plurals?


I am also confused about that rule. When is it acceptable to use the double word formation of plurals? Its use seems a bit arbitrary


It seems to me that you use double-word plurals if you are talking about a specific set of plural things, often owned by someone or something. If you are talking about a thing in general, you can keep it at single word. Contrast: My bunnies eat grass = kelinci-kelinci saya makan rumput Vs. Bunnies eat grass = kelinci makan rumput

In this case, you pretty much know that a newspaper's content is made up of more than one letter, so we are generically talking about the letters in the newspaper.


Thank you, that's a great explanation!


Huruf di koran ini adalah terlalu kecil? Is there a reason we cannot use adalah here?

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