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Hawaiian Progress Quiz (Duolingo Plus): List of Sentences and Their Translations!

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. I'm compiling a list of all the sentences I've found in the progress quiz on the app when using Duolingo Plus. I hope you all find this useful.

My 1st Attempt (12th February 2019):

  • Aloha e Kaleo - Hello Kaleo.
  • Mahalo - Thanks.
  • ʻAe, e lei - Yes, wear a lei.
  • Aloha e Keoki - Greetings, Keoki.
  • E lei - Give/Wear a lei.
  • Kēia hale - This house.
  • Kēia wahine - This woman.
  • E 'ōleloʻo, e Kawika - Speak, Kawika.
  • Mālama pono - Take care!
  • Ka hale - The house.

Score: 1.1 / 5. Not too difficult so far. I think this only covered the first two skills, so we're still only just at the beginning. Looking forward to learning some more :-)

My 2nd Attempt: (12th February 2019)

  • Makemake ʻo ia - He likes.
  • ʻO wai kou ʻanakē? - Who is your aunty?
  • Nani kēia lā - Today is pretty.
  • He haumāna ʻo Kēhau - Kēhau is a student.
  • Auē - Oh
  • ʻO Kaleo koʻu inoa - My name is Kaleo.
  • Aloha, Iesū pū - Farewell, Jesus be with you.

Score: 0.8 / 5.

This is starting to get more difficult. I'm looking forward to learning more Hawaiian and get into more difficult sentences as so far I've only done the first two skills: https://duome.eu/Ccf-uk_2018

My 3rd Attempt: (12th February 2019)

  • Kuke ʻo Keleo i ka ʻulu - Kaleo cooks the breadfruit.
  • Pehea ke anilā o Kaunakakai i kēia lā? - How is Kaunakakai's weather today?
  • He lā nani - A pretty day.
  • ʻO Kaʻiulani kona inoa - Her name is Kaʻiulani.
  • No hea ʻo ia? - Where is she from?
  • ʻO wai kona inoa? - What is her name?
  • Ke Akua pū! - God be with you!
  • ʻO Kaleo kona inoa - Kaleo is his name.

1.0 / 5

Hawaiian is definitely harder, but also much more interesting than I originally thought. It's giving me some sentences I haven't got up to yet, but I'm looking forward to understanding how it works. I have only done 12/67 lessons so still quite a bit to learn! :-)

My 4th Attempt: (12th February 2019, 7:20am)

  • ʻOno ka ʻulu pūlehu - Roasted breadfruit is delicious.
  • Pehea ke anilā i kēia lā? - How is the weather today?
  • ʻO Kaʻiulani kou inoa? - Is Kaʻilulani your name?
  • Pehea ke anilā o Hilo i kēia lā? - How is Hilo's weather today?
  • Lōʻihikona ʻanakala - His uncle is tall.
  • He lā nani kēia - This is a pretty day.
  • He haumāna au - I am a student.
  • ʻO Kaleo koʻu inoa - My name is Kaleo.

1.5 / 5.

It's definitely getting harder now. I'm looking forward to learn the next few skills so I should be able to make some more progress in the Progress Quiz (pun intended). I've just finished Personal D (Detail) so will hopefully learn some of these sentences soon. :-)

My 5th Attempt (13th February 2019, 6:20am):

I've finished the 'Ohana and Weather skills so I should be able to get a bit further in the Progress Quiz:

  • ʻAʻole au makemake i ka mea ʻulaʻula - I don't want the red one.
  • He lā nani - A pretty day.
  • He kāne puni hula ʻo ia - He is a man who loves hula.
  • Aia ʻo ia ma ka lumi moe? - Is he in the bedroom?
  • Pehea ke anilā o Kaunakakai i kēia lā? - How is Kaunakakai's weather today?
  • Pehea ke anilā i kēia lā? - How is today's weather?
  • Aia nā kī ma ke pākaukau - The keys are on the table.
  • Nani kēia lā - Today is pretty.
  • Aia koʻu tūtū kāne i ka lumi moe - My grandfather's in the bedroom.

2.2 / 5

I was surprised there wasn't any sentences on 'Ohana (Family) as it seems to be only sentences from Weather or further along. I am glad there has been a step up in difficulty, but I would appreciate an explanation on the sentence structure and word order. I haven't completely worked it out yet, but I'll get there :-)

Hope you found this interesting. I'm hoping to keep this updated so that people can see what they will learn in the Hawaiian course. Hope you found it useful. Feel free to join my Hawaiian club if you want (Club code: F8BFCS) or recommend me your club if you want. I'm looking to join active clubs :-) Good luck with learning Hawaiian!

February 12, 2019



No worries! Glad you found this useful! :-)

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