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  5. "Das ist nicht der Rede wert."

"Das ist nicht der Rede wert."

Translation:That is nothing to speak of.

April 7, 2013



how about "that is not worth discussing"


That seems fine, but it might not have been added as a correct answer yet. If you come across this sentence again, try reporting your suggestion with the report button.


I don't entirely agree. 'Das ist nicht der Rede Wert' means more something like 'this is only of minor importance' (and therefore not worth to speak about it). In principle, it can be used in its literal meaning but without further context, I don't think 'that is not worth discussing' is an accurate translation.


Well, except "that's not worth discussing" is a dismissive idiom that means the same thing. So is "that's not worth talking about."


Well, in that case it probably should be accepted :)


Hi, Patricia

This is a very old comment, so you may feel differently now ... I get the impression this means the friendly don't mention it - rather than the potentially aggressive ít's not worth talking about.

Whaddaya think?

L :)


Since it's in the genitive case, couldn't it mean "that is not worthy of the discussion," or "that is not worthy of the speech?"


Quick question - could someone explain why Rede is in the dative case?


Actually, it's genitive. 'einer Sache Wert sein' in this meaning is one of the few German verbs that require the genitive. Note that it takes the accusative in its second meaning 'etwas wert sein'.


Can it also be used as a reply for 'Thanks'? Like 'Don't mention it'?


Why is "Don't mention it", not accepted as a correct answer?


Does this have a tone of "never mind!" or "let's not talk about it!" ?


So, this seems literally to be: "That is not worth of speech". More normal-sounding in English would be " . . . worthy of speech." So why not "wuerdig"? Of course we can't expect German expressions to be exactly like English . . .

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