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Any tips for Indonesian

If you're a native speaker or just know a lot, there anything I should learn first or anything to help me along the way? It could be with the language or culture (because I'm very interested in new cultures).

February 13, 2019



Duolingo is fine for the basics. However, if you want to visit Indonesia, you should pay attention to the informal language: it is the actual way we speak and many of the words and verb usage will sound weird to the "formal language". But if you speak to us in the formal language, we'd be glad to know it and we'd maybe even try to use simpler words to you.

. . . I can't think of any more things . . .


Our informal language is a whoooole other language lol, I'd say only direct immersion would help one learn it. However, everyone from every place in Indonesia would surely understand formal Indonesian.


I know this, it’s the same with every language I think. They teach the formal way in school but in the real world the slang and dialects are very different


Why you interested with indonesian? can you tell me the reasons? :)


It seems like an interesting culture to learn about. I haven't heard much of it in school so I'm researching on the internet about it so far


I just started indonesian with DL but the total lack of grammar explanation makes it extremely difficult to follow. You are basically just parroting basic sentences without even knowing why. I guess you're better off learning Indonesian from youtube or other sources. There are some very good webpages dedicated to it. This doesn't apply to european languages, at least the grammar seems more accessible to me, so DL is a good companion app.

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