"You have not yet cooked"

Translation:Bado hamjapika

February 13, 2019

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[deactivated user]

    I think Hujapika bado should be accepted here. Is there a rule that if a sentence contains bado it has to be the first word? I don't think so, but am not certain.


    It's not a rule. It should've been accepted. I ran into the same thing. I reported Sep 2021


    Isn't the "not yet" idea implied in the -ja- form without further adverbs?


    Not really, since the -ja- form is more an acknowledgement that it hasn't been done. It could simply be: "You haven't cooked?" There's no context to let us know it was expected. And though the implication could be argued, it's customary to be redundant for emphasis. So adding "bado" would only help

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