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  5. "Cet outil marche."

"Cet outil marche."

Translation:That tool works.

May 21, 2014



I thought the tool was walking... (: I'd better look at the hints before guessing!


Every time you mouse over for a hint (or get an answer wrong) it makes your strengthen skills a little bit less effective. If you know it means walking, try it! If you are right you might get that extra skill strengthened... if not you will still find out you were wrong and why. This also helps build some confidence in your ability to retain some of the language!


haha me too, i was thinking the same :)


I'm so glad I checked the meaning of 'marche'. I had a sudden image of Pink Floyd's marching hammers


Does "Cette montre marche" also mean "This watch works" ?


For machines, the French usage of marche as functioning is similar to the English running. For example running dish washer. Even the sense of flowing in running seems to be present in marcher, like in: La vie est un long fleuve qui marche. Makes sense?


Ok this explains a lot. I understood Je coupe le chauffage since I could envision 'cutting' the heat but this had me totally perplexed.


Yes French people would use "marche" that way although to be really correct we should use the verb "fonctionner" rather than the verb "marcher" Cette montre fonctionne Cet outil fonctionne


There is a sense in English of something "walking" in that other people will take (steal) a tool/object/item that is valuable.

If I were doing some repair work with other people around, and a friend was with me, I might say to them, 'Be careful when you use that tool and put it down. Make sure you pay attention to where it is. It's a really expensive one. Such things like to walk."

Can 'marcher' be used in that sense? Or is there a phrase for that kind of meaning?

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