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Is tree completion a reality within a school year?

I've been using Duolingo for several years with my students. I've really started to implement it with my students this year. (Now that each student has a chrome book) I essentially give XP goals and specific assignments. I'm really gearing up to have my kids aim towards tree completion next year. Pourquoi pas?

What percentage of your students complete a language tree within a school year?

February 13, 2019



Depending on your french tree you would have to get at least 80? Crowns to complete the tree to level 1. I think to earn one level 1 crown you might need on average 6 lessons. Meaning about 480 lessons.

Also note that it is not recommended to just complete to level 1 because that is not enough review.

I’m a student age. I have a long streak. I am not nearly finished my tree.


It will depend on their motivation, their talent at language learning, their memory etc etc.

There should be no problem completing to the tree to Crown level 1 even possible to complete it to Crown level 2 but unlikely to complete everything to Crown level 5 unless they have previous knowledge of the subject.

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