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New TTS voice!

I started doing today's Duo session -- and in the very first exercise heard a male voice. While I quite like the female TTS, it was a pleasant change to hear a different voice. The lady is still around, too, so there's now variation in the listening exercises.

I didn't see any new posts about this, so I made one myself. :P

February 13, 2019



Haha, it freaked me out when I first heard it! But it helps a lot with understanding spoken Polish.


I don't mind the idea of having multiple TTS voices, but the new masculine voice is sort of murky and more "robotic" sounding compared to the feminine voice, and I can't understand it quite as easily without headphones. It'd be nice to have an option to choose which voice or voices you want to use.


I've been using the app mainly for the last 2 months, but today I did my session on the website. I was plesently surprised to hear the male voice which I had not heard before! Having more variation can only be good for improving skills! :) Does anybody know if they are going to bring it to the app also? That would be great as I think there are more people using the app than the website.

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