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"When did you people go to Delhi?"

Translation:तुम लोग दिल्ली कब गये?

February 13, 2019



Is "तुम लोग कब दिल्ली गये?" also correct?


It's not grammatically correct because कब is an interrogative adverb that is supposed to be placed right before the verb. However, such sentences can nevertheless sometimes be found in colloquial speech.


Awesome, thanks for the explanation!


So subject, indirect object, direct object, adverb, verb?


Hey I am a a fluent speaker of Hindi, but how to type hindi on the computer!


If you're on Chrome, you can install the Google input tools extension. It will give you the option of multiple Hindi keyboards that you can toggle through.
Otherwise, you can install the Hindi keyboard to your OS. Which OS are you using?


Why Gaye and not Gaya, I thought it is supposed to agree with Delhi not with "you people"


Only transitive verbs (verbs which can have direct objects) agree with their objects in the past tense. Intransitive verbs (verbs which cannot have direct objects) agree with the subject in all tenses.

'To go' is an intransitive verb because you can't say 'go Delhi'. You need to say 'go to Delhi'.
Even in Hindi, जाना is intransitive. Though it appears like दिल्ली is a direct object of गये in this sentence, there is an implicit को between them that's dropped - तुम लोग दिल्ली (को) कब गये?
Therefore, the verb जाना always agrees with the subject, which in this case is तुम लोग.


So, is that okay found in very formal Hindi, or maybe older texts, or is it just a notional preposition?


Why is - tum log kab dehli gai accepted

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