"I am feeling cold."

Translation:मुझे ठंड लग रही है।

February 13, 2019

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In the example of "Neha is feeling cold", the sentence included "को". Why is that not used here?


Postpositions like को are used only with nouns. For pronouns, you have to change their form instead (that is to say that they are in a different case).

The form of मैं (I) that corresponds to को is मुझे (to me). Similarly, यह, तुम, आप, हम would become इसे, तुम्हें, आपको, हमें and so on.


Great, thanks for clarifying! I'm sure that was in an earlier lesson and I forgot it.


Can you say मुझे ठंड लग रहा है? क्या या ठंड केवल स्त्री है


In this sentence, ठंड is used as a noun (The Hindi sentence would literally be something close to 'To me, coldness is felt). Every noun in Hindi has a grammatical gender (लिंग) associated with it. ठंड is feminine (स्त्री लिंग). So, it should always be 'लग रही है'.


Why does "mujhe" go with "hai" instead of "hoon"?


The है is actually agreeing with ठंड in this sentence. The literal translation would be something like 'To me, coldness is felt.'

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