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  5. "Kein Stern mehr am Himmel"

"Kein Stern mehr am Himmel"

Translation:No star left in the sky

April 7, 2013



Why 'am Himmel" rather than 'im Himmel'?


I believe that was already discussed somewhere else here. If I recall correctly, there's two different meanings to Himmel - "sky" and "heaven." "Am" can only be used with the "sky" meaning ("am Himmel"), whereas "im" goes with "heaven" ("im Himmel").

Just picture heaven as a self-contained palace ("in the heaven-palace") and the sky as being more like a location... or better yet, an easel painting (since a lot of people think of it as God's artwork) - ("at/on the sky") - though in English we'd say "in the sky" but it's one of these little idiosyncratic differences every language seems to have.


This helps a lot. Thank you.


Thanks for the above explanation. I just have one more Q :) So, if it is Am Himmel, this comes from An Dem, which means 'at the' in English. Thus in the sky in English translates to at the sky in German? is this about right?


Do you think "Not a star in the sky" is the English sentence they are trying to get at here.


There are no stars in the sky any more. "Kein Stern mehr" indicates that there were stars before, but they are gone now. That is represented in the English sentence by "No star left". It might be hard to turn it into a natural sounding sentence without a verb.


So while an actual translator would use a verb to get a sentence that sounds natural and makes actual sense, we're marked as incorrect if we use a verb...

edit: Come to think of it, even plural or "not a" would be fine.


They accept that now, though I <sub>was</sub> wondering what the 'mehr' was for... Thank you for answering my question, Lenkvist! :D


You would never hear a native speaker talk like this in English.


Exactly! You'd put an s on the end of star.


I think to a native English speaker heaven and sky are pretty interchangeable synonyms - especially when talking about the stars. Surely "not one more star in heaven" would be a reasonable idiomatic translation?

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