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"रविवार को स्कूल बंद होते हैं।"

Translation:Schools are closed on Sunday.

February 13, 2019



I still don't understand what होते is doing.


I think it reflects that this is a general rule / law. In this particular example, schools are generally closed on sunday. The sentence does not refer to a specific school or sunday.


Sunday, schools are closed was marked wrong, but it's the same meaning.


Shouldn't it be 'On Sunday, schools are closed'?


That's correct as well, it's just that in Hindi, time specifiers like what day, week or time something is happening usually come first in the sentence before any nouns or verbs. So even if some sentences look weird having the time specifier toward the beginning of the sentence, that's how it's said. Another example: मैं कल केले खाऊंगा = I will eat bananas tomorrow. In Hindi, the word for tomorrow is placed at the beginning, and in English, at the end. But still this sentence is I will eat bananas tomorrow, not I tomorrow will eat bananas.


Fun fact: रविवार comes from रविवार which is Hindi for Sun, by using Greek astrology, similarly like the names of the day of the week in many languages, such as English Sunday.

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