"Peter does not swim in November and December."

Translation:पीटर नवंबर और दिसंबर में नहीं तैरता ।

February 13, 2019

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Can someone please explain why नवंबर और दिसंबर में पीटर नहीं तैरता । is incorrect? Thanks!


I don’t understand this either...


Kalyani_15, I believe your answer is correct.

I just typed the same and was called wrong. And I reported it.

But I'd still like to hear a native speaker confirm this.


I have the same query, and it has still not been answered. In other questions you to do the opposite and it says the correct answer with the month in the front. Surely, the rules should be applied consistently.


I also gave that answer, because I thought that was what I had translated from Hindi to English a few questions back. But my answer was still marked wrong.


I'm a hindi native speaker and this seems okay but a bit odd to my ears.


I also had that and don't know why it is wrong


Is नवंबर और दिचंबर में पीटर नहीं तैरता है wrong?


It's correct (but see next). Next time you run into it, you should report it.

soobee620, you have a typo. It's दिसंबर, not दिचंबर.

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