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"Peter does not swim in November and December."

Translation:पीटर नवंबर और दिसंबर में नहीं तैरता ।

February 13, 2019



Can someone please explain why नवंबर और दिसंबर में पीटर नहीं तैरता । is incorrect? Thanks!


I don’t understand this either...


Kalyani_15, I believe your answer is correct.

I just typed the same and was called wrong. And I reported it.

But I'd still like to hear a native speaker confirm this.


May I know what is wrong in my answer, please?


Yeah, me too.


I don’t have access to a Hindi key board, how am I supposed to complete this lesson?


Click the "make Easier" button. Or open a google translate tab in a browser and use the inscript keyboard provided for Hindi.


You don't need a separate physical keyboard.

If you're on Windows, install the Hindi language support. Then you can use a hotkey to switch back and forth between typing Roman characters and typing Devanagari. Check out user "holdredial"'s July 27, 2019 response on https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33221723. I didn't confirm these directions but IIRC they're what I did.

I would expect that the same is possible on a Mac, but I don't know how and couldn't find anyone explaining it in the forum. If you're on a Mac, try Googling "how to type hindi on a mac". This question comes up a lot. If you document the steps on the main Hindi forum, you'll help future users.


The solution provided is incorrect

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