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Inconsistent lessons in 1 classroom assignment (among students)

When I assign my students a "Level up a skill" assignment, the amount of lessons for each student to complete is not consistent.

For example, one skill assignment states it has 6 lessons. I assign it, and most students get 6 lessons. A few will show they are done after having completed 1 (and these are not my overachieving students, so this is not a matter of the students' having already reached a certain level on their own). If I click on their name, it will show 1 of 1 completed, whereas other students will have 6 of 6 completed. Is this a bug?

February 13, 2019



If you don't receive an answer in this discussion forum, then you can email Schools' support staff at teachers@duolingo.com


Is it possible that the students who have only completed 1 lesson took the test-out option and tested out of that skill? (So they would have only completed one activity - the test.)

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