Inconsistent lessons in 1 classroom assignment (among students)

When I assign my students a "Level up a skill" assignment, the amount of lessons for each student to complete is not consistent.

For example, one skill assignment states it has 6 lessons. I assign it, and most students get 6 lessons. A few will show they are done after having completed 1 (and these are not my overachieving students, so this is not a matter of the students' having already reached a certain level on their own). If I click on their name, it will show 1 of 1 completed, whereas other students will have 6 of 6 completed. Is this a bug?

February 13, 2019


If you don't receive an answer in this discussion forum, then you can email Schools' support staff at

February 14, 2019

Is it possible that the students who have only completed 1 lesson took the test-out option and tested out of that skill? (So they would have only completed one activity - the test.)

February 27, 2019
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