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  5. "I see zero tribbles."

"I see zero tribbles."

Translation:pagh yIH vIlegh.

February 14, 2019



Is pagh yIHmey vIlegh also an option here, or does the (enumerative) number zero always take the singular form of the noun in Klingon?


I know of no information saying that pagh X is always singular. I can only think of one time Okrand has used pagh to count something, and the example does not answer the question: Dal pagh jagh No enemy is boring. (TKW)


Perhaps the second half of my query was ill-worded and a bit over-reaching. I was just surprised to see yIH in the singular form, as I'm used to English (and other Western European languages) taking the plural form in this kind of sentence: "I see zero/no TribbleS." Thus, I would have translated it as yIHmey. Your example provides an interesting alternative case, where pagh is part of the subject and not the object, but it doesn't answer my initial question.

Perhaps it's not so much that pagh takes the singular form of the noun as a rule as it is that the pluralizing -mey suffix is optional here, as we have often seen in Klingon. Is that a reasonable assumption, at least for this particular sentence? Could we also say yIHmey here?


So far as we know, yes, you could also say yIHmey here.


I just realized that English also provides for a (slightly archaic-sounding) singular option: "I see no tribble." Which is interesting, but now we're getting into nuances that we may have no canon to support in Klingon...

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