"Dukun itu tidak pernah sembahyang."

Translation:That witchdoctor never prays.

February 15, 2019



What do people think about translating dukun as witch/wizard/magician/warlock/etc?

February 15, 2019


'medicine man' , 'sorcerer' , 'shaman' , are also okay I think, and probably many other names as well.
I guess it depends on the type of 'dukun'.

n orang yang mengobati, menolong orang sakit, memberi jampi-jampi (mantra, guna-guna, dan sebagainya)

Gabungan Kata
dukun bayi; dukun beranak; dukun calak; dukun jampi; dukun japa; dukun klenik; dukun santet; dukun siwer; dukun susuk; dukun tenung; dukun tiban

February 15, 2019


Interesting that primarily a dukun is a "Person that gives medicine, helps sick people". I guess "Shaman" fits the best. "Medicine man" and "Witch doctor" kind work, but feel a little out-dated. Something that Victorian colonials would talk about, whereas shaman feels more contemporary.

February 17, 2019


I think shaman is correct. Witchdoctor is a bit offensive

March 9, 2019
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