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I can't view my assignments

I'm an educator using Duolingo to help my students learn Spanish. I am having trouble giving out assignments. I tried assigning my own account to a classroom and the assignments aren't displaying.

Is this just because it is my own account or is there a bug?

Also, if I assign lessons to students that are outside of the lessons they currently have access to, can they still access it through their desktop page?


February 15, 2019



A few people have reported this over the last few weeks. It looks like it's a bug.


I am having the same issue. My students cannot view the lesson that I assign them, even though they are a member of my class. The circle is greyed out and looks to be "locked" but when I assign the skill it should change color so that the students can complete it. Some students are having this problem, some are not.


The exact same thing is happening to me. I'm trying to assign "the body," but when my students click on the assignment, it takes them to the main page and "the body" is still grayed out. I see your comment was posted a month ago. Does this mean this bug has not been fixed yet?


Hello, It has not been fixed yet. I emailed Duolingo and sent the information but still happens so I decided to assign XP points and I told them to go to the assignments that I wanted and then practice like that.

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