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Pin Yin display on comments?

So, because Chinese MUST be typed with the proper pinyin, i've found myself unable to recreate certain words and end up failing on most of the "type what you hear" questions, then even going to the comments i have no way to learn from my mistake.

Would it be an easy fix to just port over the pinyin from the character tables and put it under the sentences in comments as well?

It would help a lot with learning how to type Chinese, as well as tone pronunciation...

你 = nǐ = array+1
的 = de = array+1
猫 = māo = array+1
? || . = endPunct

pinyin sentence = array1, array2, array3 + endPunct

return- Nǐ de māo. || Nǐ de māo?

February 15, 2019



To be honest, one shouldn't only rely on typing the characters and this function may not be beneficial to one's learning. I've learnt Chinese since I was young and definitely recommend copying the characters by hand every time you learn new ones (I still do this). Though pinyin is useful, recognizing characters will help build up your diction and help you in the long run :)


True, I agree. Cuz learning pinyin might help you a lot in the future.


As a complete beginner, I agree that showing the pinyin would be very helpful.


It would be nice if seeing the pinyin translation were an option that one could turn off or on. As a complete neophyte, I sometimes cannot hear the exact pronunciation of a character. In those cases, it would be nice to be able to see the pinyin.


The way I learned to type pinyin is by typing out the word then the tone #. So to use your sample, I would type out "ni3 de1 mao1". Not sure if that helps.

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