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It tells me that my answer is incorrect

My answers in during the practice tests are considered wrong when they have the same meaning. Do the reports on the "my answer should be accepted", get read. Im just curious to know

February 15, 2019



You posted this thread 13 times btw.


OMG weird i didn't do that though


This sort of thing (multiple posts) has happened several times over the past few days with different screennames. They can't all be caused by user error.

NamedARMY - same issue, different language: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30724863


yeahhhh i dont know why that happened


Yes, they absolutely do get read, but it might take a while - up to several months. I've had easily 30 of my reports accepted, it just takes some patience. Please do report any alternative answers so they can be added!

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