"Aamir's father is writing a book."

Translation:आमिर के पिता एक किताब लिख रहे हैं।

February 15, 2019

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I wrote आमर के पिता किताब लिख रहे हैं but it was not accepted. Why is एक necessary here?


I also think Duolingo has shown itself to be fickle on numerous occasions. I also wrote "आमर के पिता किताब लिख रहे हैं " and it WAS accepted.

But my question is this: why is"हैं" used here instead of "है"? Aamir, father and book are all singular.

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It's the plural of respect for Aamir's father. That's why you write रहे and not रहा. Actually, रहे है gets corrected automatically by the Google keyboard because it's a grammatical error.


Bcos the sentence contains "a" book

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