"You eat an apple."

Translation:Kamu makan sebuah apel.

February 15, 2019

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What does "sebuah" do or mean in this sentence?


Basically "Sebuah" is an indefinite article, yet it is a little bit tricky

Sebuah apel litteraly "means a (fruit) of apple" Yet it is also used for mobil (car) meja (table), it is used the most common used for non-personal noun

But, Seorang (litterally means a person) is used for person like Seorang murid -> a student, seorang perawat -> a nurse

Sebutir, for grains, like sebutir beras -> a (grain) of rice (Sebutir telur - en egg, is an exception)

Seekor (a tail of) is used for animal Seekor ayam - a chicken Seekor kuda - a horse


Sebuah what is the meaning

[deactivated user]

    Literally "a/one fruit of" but it is used as a counter for one object. So "sebuah apel" means "an apple"

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