"She is strong."

Translation:Dia kuat.

February 15, 2019

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Dia means both he and she. In finnish is the same thing "hän" means both he and she so this is easy for me :)

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    How can one differentiate between he and she in Indonesian?


    there's no he & she in Indonesian, just "dia" (neutral gender)


    Does kuat mean strength of all kinds? As in emotional strength / perseverence as well as physical? Or are there other words for those things separately?


    Yeah, include in emotional as well as physical. So it is actually need more words to differentiate it (more like to emphasize it).

    Emotional strength = Kekuatan secara emosional

    Physical strength = Kekuatan secara fisik


    what does secara mean?


    "secara" = "-ly" safe = aman ; safely = secara aman

    Pak_Yos gave you incorrect translation. "secara" is not needed here. emotional strength = kekuatan emosional ; physical strength = kekuatan fisik

    you can use "ke-" and "-an" to make many adjectives into nouns in bahasa indonesia. strong = kuat ; strength = kekuatan safe = aman ; safety = keamanan dark = gelap ; darkness = kegelapan patient = sabar ; patience = kesabaran

    but, be careful, ke- and -an can also give you "too much of" meaning.


    "secara" = "-ly" aman (safe), secara aman (safely)

    Pak_Yos gave you incorrect translation


    Ah, its hard to explain since i think the word is actually Not Exist in English. But Maybe I can give you an example . Pay attention to the letter "Ly" in the English sentence like (Rapidly, Sharply , accidentally ). Lets Pick one for example . "Rapidly" in Indonesian it means "Secara Cepat" cepat means Fast or Rapid while secara is Similar to the ly. Or One more example. "I will study seriously" in Indonesian it Will means "saya akan belajar secara Serius". ( Saya = I, akan = will, Belajar = Study, seriously = Secara serius). If the "seriously" do not have the "ly" or just "serious" automatically you don't even the word "secara".

    I wish you to understand, Sorry if you're confused


    From indonesia :)

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