"If you had not come, you would not have gone"

Translation:Msingalikuja msingalienda

February 16, 2019



Sometimes, in the previous sentence for example, tulikwenda is used, but here only msingalienda is accepted. Whats up with that ? How does one know when to use ---likwenda or ---lienda in these types of constructions ?

February 16, 2019


This is an inconsistency on Duo's part. In addition, there is no way of knowing from the English sentence whether the singular or plural "you" is intended, so both "ungali-" and "mngali-" should be accepted. As far as -enda vs. -kwenda, they have always seemed nearly interchangeable to me. I don't know if Swahili linguists/grammarians have made a "ruling" on this. Duo seems to prefer -enda, except when it doesn't :)

March 15, 2019
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