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  5. "tu'lum chu' vIje'ta'."

"tu'lum chu' vIje'ta'."

Translation:I have bought a new teacup.

February 16, 2019



boQwI' (sourcing Klingon for the Galactic Traveler) tells us that tu'lum is an upper-class or slightly old-fashioned word for what is, I presume, nowadays more commonly called a Dargh HIvje'. Any thoughts on this bit of information? Or why the course teaches us tu'lum but not (yet) Dargh HIvje'? (Another legacy from the original course-builders, perhaps?)


From "Klingon for the Galactic Traveler (Star Trek)" by Marc Okrand -

"the common word for “teacup” is Dargh HIvje’ (literally, “tea drinking vessel”). Among the upper classes, the word tu’lum is used with some frequency, though, strictly speaking, this archaic word used to mean only a cup made of metal."


Right, boQwI' paraphrases that. So, which term would you personally usually use in coversation, If you were having tea? :-)


If I were drinking from china (or some kind of fancy teacup like that) I would probably call it a tu'lum. But if I'm drinking from a disposable cup, a mug, a tumbler, etc, I'm sure I would just call it a HIvje'. If I were in Japan I might call my "teacup" a Dargh DuqHom.


Got it, thanks!

By the way, knowing Okrand's fondness for amusing sources when choosing Klingon vocabulary, is it my imagination that tu'lum bears a certain resemblance to "two lumps" (of sugar)? Even if he didn't have this in mind specifically, it does make for a useful mnemonic!


There is a typo in the accepted translation: Id bought a new teacup.

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