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Hey, does anyone know where I can read French e-books online (for free)? If you do, please let me know!

Thank you.

February 16, 2019


Whooohooooo! Excelsior! Per aspera ad astra! (And all that jazz.) Great to know! Thanks for posting.

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My apologies, amazingizekor19. That comment was meant for another thread (about Latin, obviously). I'm really sorry to have seemed to treat you so lightly.

So, on to your question (if we're still on speaking terms) . . .

There have been several posts about French reading recently, the best (IMHO) by 01LearnFrench01:

Try the suggestions in this thread, too.

And there are many other really good discussions scattered throughout the forums from the last half decade. Too bad the forums are so difficult to navigate! (I can list more discussions, should you want them, mostly suggestions of books to read.)

Note the link to Reading A - Z and the related discussion in the first link above. The graded reading available there provides a great way to find plenty of French reading material at precisely your reading level, whatever it may be. Find materials there (do a sort of binary search among the levels, listed from A to Z) that are comfortable for you to read and only just a little bit hard for you, and start reading at that level, progressing onward through the difficulty levels. This will give you loads of material suited precisely to your current ability, enabling you to read lots and lots of French quickly and with understanding, which will rapidly boost your reading ability. For an entertaining discussion of this reading strategy, see this video--although it's about Latin, the examples are almost all in English, and the analysis he makes has proved true (in my experience). It is long, so you might start at about 13 minutes into it, and if you're persuaded then go back to listen to it all later.

February 16, 2019
February 16, 2019
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