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"Que vaut un kilogramme de légumes ?"

Translation:How much is a kilogram of vegetables?

April 8, 2013



Level 10 and I am still losing hearts through articles. Why not "des" legumes? Legumes is plural right?


"de" is not the singular of "des", it is a preposition, while "des" is an article (plural of un/une or contraction of de+les).

The construction "kilo de légumes" (kilo of vegetables) is called "noun of noun", where no article is required.

The second noun (légumes/vegetables) gives information on the first noun (kilo), and works like "une feuille de papier" (sheet of paper).


Wonderful explanation. Nearly at level 15, more than one year into DL and I was still confused by this. But thanks to your explanation and the concept of 'noun of noun' I finally get it! Yet another gem of yours to cut and paste into my flash card app. Merci!!


I thought "Combien ca coute" meant how much does it cost. Where is the "combien" and the "coute" here? Do the French really say, "what is the value....?" or do they say, "how much does <ITEM> cost?" I mean, in real, everyday French.


I put "combien coûte un kilo..." and lost a heart! However that is the most usual way of asking for the cost of something.

Usual alternatives:

  • que coûte... (what does... cost)

  • que vaut or combien vaut (lit. what is the value of...)


That is exactly the phrase I answered, "combien coute (circumflex over the u of course) un kilo and it was wrong. :( BOO


how much is a kilogram of vegetables, or what is the value of a kilogram of vegetables, or what is a kilogram of vegetables worth!


How worth is a ... is not correct english


Did you leave a right translation at the feedback? I would say "How much for a kilo vegetables" but I am not sure if it is all right to lose the "of" before vegetables.


And in French, nobody would use the full "kilogramme" word, only "kilo".


No, you'd have to say, "How much for a kilo of vegetables?"


What about "What's the price of one kilogram of vegetables?"
Isn't the meaning exactly the same?


How much does it cost a kilogram of vegetables Why this is wrong?


Not good English, I'm afraid. It would either be "it" or "a kilogram of vegetables", not both. And whichever one you use, it comes between "does" and "cost", i.e.: "How much does it cost?", "How much does a kilogram of vegetables cost?" This is in general; in relation to the above translation, of course, you would not use "it" alone, since it does not translate the "kilo of vegetables" part.


The solution "What costs one kilogram of vegetables?" makes no sense in English; the solution eludes to paying for something with vegetables!


"Alludes" not "eludes", but yes. If you were standing in a shop with a kilo of vegetables in your hand and were hoping to unload them in exchange for anything else, you might look about and ask, "What costs one kilo of vegetables?", although I'd probably say, "What can I get for my one kilo of vegetables?"


I hear what you're saying, but if you closely examine the sentence, you will find this construct everywhere in French. It is very different from English. The only problem is when we try to apply our "English sense" to the French. Translating the sentence word-by-word will often result in a confused, unnatural expression. When we're reading or hearing French, we have to hear it in French. I have mentioned elsewhere that this refers to achieving an understanding of the French sentence BEFORE translating it to English. Then when translating the sentence into English, use the best construct in English to convey the same meaning.


It's been a while, but I think usafltcol was saying that, "What costs one kilogram of vegetables"? was provided by DL as a correct English translation, which would be an error.


Hi, Diana! I see that now. I guess I should send my note to Duo Support then, eh? ;-)


It might have been fixed long ago, for all I know.


I understand that "what is worth a kilogram of vegetables" is not the correct meaning, however I wish to know how I would say that. Bartering could make a comeback.


"qu'est-ce qui vaut un kilo de légumes ?"


Merci pour votre aide Sitesurf. J'aime bien ton commentaires sur Duolingo. C'est très avantageux pour moi et autre utilisateurs. :)


A kilogram is about .62 pounds


the first definition of "vaut" Duo gives is "is as worth as". Why is it "how much"?

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