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Site Navigation Improvement: More Keyboard Friendliness

I have a suggestion that I believe would greatly improve the web interface. I think that throughout the site, we should be able to navigate any lesson-related links that appear on the skill tree, the lesson selection screen after we've selected a skill, and the "Continue?"/"Keep Practicing?" prompt that appears after we finish a lesson, by using the arrow keys and hitting enter. I think this would improve our overall efficiency and speed of navigating the site, and would provide a nice visual touch to the overall feel of the experience, if implemented correctly. What I suggest is to have a light, sparkly color that matches your color scheme, 'glow' around a lesson link when it is hovered over with a mouse, or selected using the arrow keys. Hitting enter would activate the selected button just as when you are practicing a lesson. I've uploaded a mockup of what I think would look nice if implemented. Obviously it doesn't quite matter what the style or color is, as long as it's prominent and obvious. My friend put a lot of effort making it look nice: http://puu.sh/1wCHl.gif Anyways, that's my suggestion and I sincerely hope you consider this functionality. Thanks and have an awesome day.

April 8, 2013

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The lesson blocks already change colour for me. They don't glow like your suggestion, but the difference is noticeable.

I like the idea about more keyboard use. I don't use the mouse during tests. Not sure of the best way to implement it though. The cursor keys are already used to scroll the page.

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