Someone can recommend me some books to read in english?

I dont care about the gender, I only want books for improve my english.

February 16, 2019

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Options 1:

Read books from level A to level Z

Click on the level, for example, level z for young readers, and the list of books will appear below.

I am able to read them online free with the following procedure:

  1. Right click on the book title and choose "open link in a new tab".

  2. Then by using my touch screen I just enlarge the book, like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

Now the book is big enough to read online.

To look up words, use google translate and click the star in google translate to keep a list of the vocabulary.

Review the google vocabulary/phrasebook anytime. Notice the speaker button next to each word in the list to listen to the pronunciation.

There is also the google translate chrome extension that allows you to select a word to get a translation.

Option 2:

Here you can start with the children's books for an easier read. For each audio book you will see a link to the text. You can use both together or just read the books.

Option 3:

Free online library: Library

Click on the books tab then choose:

  • Tumblebook kids (easier) and then the index tab.


  • Tumblebook cloud (high school level) and then the index tab

Option 4:

I filtered the list for young reader:

Option 5:

Option 6:

Option 7

You can use the google chrome extension Read Aloud to listen to fairy tales while you read the text.

Try the language Lab.

February 16, 2019

I recommend The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. It's high quality English but also easy reading. It's also widely translated in other languages so you can get a copy in your native language as well to compare.

February 16, 2019

Gender of books? What’s that?

Harry Potter?

Maybe look at all the teen and young adult books that have been turned into movies recently, I assume the books must be good if they made s movie.

Maze runner, mortal machines, hunger games, Harry Potter,

February 16, 2019

I think he meant genre. Both genre and gender are género in Spanish, so I can see how it might be confusing.

February 17, 2019

yeap, you are right, both mean the same :( it's so confusing.

February 17, 2019

I suggest reading about the topics that interest you professionally and those about which you would like to be able to talk. Regards

February 17, 2019

turtles all the way down by jhon green, it's really good and really easy to read. Esperto haberte ayudado, suerte y exito ! :)

February 17, 2019

There is a nice book about the titanic´s crash. It is called "A night to remember".

February 17, 2019

The Wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame

February 19, 2019

checa esta pagina cite gusta el manga pero si no te gusta no lo leas ya que te aburriras y no mejoraras nada en ingles

February 20, 2019
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