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Getting to know moderators

I saw a suggestion by severin:

Maybe the moderators could introduce themselves to the community?

Why not, indeed? If you are a moderator, what about writing a few words about yourself: who you are, where you are from, what languages you learn, what you think about Duolingo and your role as a moderator, etc.

To make this thread more organized and easier to read, I'd suggest mods to post their introductions on the first level and any comments by others should follow in the replies. Thank you.

April 8, 2013



I'll begin :-)

My name is Olga, I am from Russia. I work as a translator from English into Russian.

I have already finished the French tree on Duolingo and now I'm learning German here. Being not a native speaker of any language spoken and taught on Duolingo, I can hardly be a true guru, but I like to share information about tricky language aspects I manage to find.

I'm mostly active in the general Duolingo forum and gladly inform the newbies about learning process, options and tricks. Being a moderator is not very much different from what I've always been doing in discussions, it only implies more responsibility before other users and also gives the ability to delete abusive comments. I hope I won't have to do it soon.


I like your new photo :o)


Thanks! Now both my eyes are definitely visible, moderator star or not :D


Me too! Better positioning :D


Do you know of any plans to introduce russian? Могу помочь с переводом, подруга просто умирает не дождётся пока он тут появится :)


No, I have not heard of any plans for Russian. I would also like to see Russian on Duolingo and help people to learn our language.


+1 for Russian Duolingo


another +1 for Russian Duolingo from me


I'm trying to learn Russian, and have recently learnt the Russian Alphabet (YESSSSS!) but ъ and ь are a mystery to me. What are they? Are they silent, only needed for correct spelling, or is there something else at work?

I would very much like to have a head start for when Russian Duolingo comes.


This could be a huge off-topic here! :-) Check your stream, I wrote there.


Hi Olga! I just discovered "duolingo" and I really like it. I also like your photo.


Thanks! Have fun with your studies on Duolingo!


Ah ! I don't like to introduce myself but I suppose I'll make some efforts ^^.

I'm Arthur from France, I signed up on Duolingo when French was still in beta (don't remember the date at all :p ). The only tree I finished is of course the French tree, and I'm currently learning German, Italian and Spanish. Well it's been a while since I did my last session actually...

You will find me most of the time in the French section of the "Discussion" tab, answering people's questions about French language. I also take a look from time to time to the Duolingo section.

I realized that explaining his own language is not that easy, and I often have to teach myself first before answering to someone. I find this very interesting and it helps me to understand my own language a bit better. English is my favorite foreign language at the moment (probably because it's the only one I'm fluent in ^^), but I like Italian a lot as well.

If you need help with something just ask me on my stream :).


Hello everyone :)

I'm Ferdinando, I'm from Italy and I originally joined duolingo to learn German, then I got lazy and sidetracked to checking out the Italian section to see how good the beta was, and one thing led to another. I hope one day to finish my courses ^^"

In my personal life I lead a sad and prosaic life as a software engineer, and although I like languages a lot I don't travel around as much as I'd wished to. I think that learning new languages is the key to accessing a lot of information from around the world, and it also helps me recall all those tedious grammar lessons I had and get better in delivering my thoughts. And most of all, it's fun.



Great. After French, my next goal is to learn Italian. I see a lot of people are learning a couple of languages at the same time. I tried Italian a bit the other day, but decided to get my French ready before I venture into another one. Italy is a tourist destination I would like to go back to again.


Hi folks, nice to meet you all! I'm Tiago from Portugal.

I feel a bit like Arthur, generally I'm more of a lurker, but I started being a bit more active in Duolingo, first in the general forum, sharing some ideas regarding interface (I'm an interaction designer), and soon after in the Portuguese forum, helping out people, since I felt (and still do) the Portuguese Beta had a long way to go and quite some grammar mistakes to correct, and also that there wasn't enough help from natives on other languages, which made me feel I should help fill that void on my own language forum (and that's also why I display "PT" on my name).

I'm only fluent in English (besides the occasional mistake, I'm sure), but have a fairly decent understanding of Spanish and Italian, because Spanish is similar enough, and I lived in Milan for 6 months. Ultimately, my goal is to become a polyglot, but I'm in no rush :-)

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Hi Olga and Arthur, great to get to know you. I'm Levi, I'm from Romania. I like to think that my English is pretty good ( Cartoon Network in the nineties was really helpful! ), and I speak Hungarian and Romanian fluently. I was taught German for about 12 years (school that is), but none of it stuck like English did. So here I am on Duolingo trying to make nice with the German language. So far so good, I'm happy to say!


There are other Levi's in Romania? Cool! :D


Welcome to all our community moderators!


Somehow, I missed this discussion when it came about. Better late than never I suppose. ^_^

Hello, my name is Usagi. I've been a Duolingo moderator since 2013. I'm from the USA and am a native English speaker. Outside of Duolingo, I am on the board of directors and founding member for a local non-profit serving youth in my area. I will also be working as a volunteer English tutor for Syrian refugees at the end of this month.

I have completed two trees on Duolingo: Spanish for English speakers and English for Spanish speakers. I have so far been able to use the Spanish I've learned on Duolingo in more than one emergency situation. So, thank you Duolingo staff and volunteers for helping to bring free language education to the world! Outside of Duolingo I am learning American Sign Language. :D

I take my role as a moderator seriously. Duolingo intends this to be a safe and supportive learning environment for folks from many different cultural backgrounds across the globe. Part of what I do to support that goal is teach folks about Duolingo's exemplary Community Guidelines. Along with that, I've also done a lot of background work with the Abuse and Community teams. I am continually heartened and inspired by the people on Duolingo's staff and volunteer teams, and so many people I've met from the community forums. :)

Updated 2019: I've kept track of the emergency-related situations I've been using the languages I'm learning in. Here are those posts. ^_^


That would be very nice.


good to know all of you<sub> 很高兴认识大家</sub> I'm from China and I'm learning German.


It would be nice to see like a small section on the side of each language (maybe on the home page of each language and on the troubleshooting side of the discussion/) to see moderators names, so we can look for help. Not sure if this is difficult or something that would be hard to keep tabs of. I keep track of names when I find someone who explains things well either in the discussions or the sentences section, but I do not generally know how to locate a moderator outside of that.


One helpful user is Samsta. I learn Spanish and he is very helpful in that. I also happen to know that he is good at French. Check him out! He always knows the answer (as far as I've seen)


It is nice to get to know you guys, greetings from Bolivia!

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