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Why the DuoBot still has some new tricks to learn from an old dog

OK, so it's the weekend, and while you have your feet up and I'm chasing my tail, the DuoBot will be busy at work, still trying to get to grips with natural language processing.

DuoBot may have a brain bigger than mine, but here's just one example of why it is so difficult for him (or her, is it "le DuoBot" or "la DuoBot"?) to grasp meaning from a string of words.

The following are English examples of "garden path sentences". In other words, they lead the reader to a false understanding by using an ambiguous construction - a sort of verbal double take. Based on Latin "Tempus fugit" we can say:

"Time flies like an arrow." (Time passes quickly.)

"Fruit flies like a banana."

"Eat flies like a frog."

Whilst these sentences may only mess with your brain for a couple of seconds, poor DuoBot would need a re-boot!

Anyone have a similar example in French?


July 14, 2012



You're such a wise dog Rowley....


you mean he (or she) can't understand metaphors, not?

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