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The other day...

My ma looked through my phone and told me I was texting people in a made Up language. I was and still am texting people in Indonesian. How rude. What to do??

February 16, 2019



Be glad you have a secret language that she can't see? Did she have your permission to look at your texts? If not then this was twice as rude.

If you really want to persuade her that it is real you could show some sentences on Duolingo or use a dictionary, but i wouldn't know why you would bother. If someones mind is closed...

(although in one sense she is correct, it is made up, like every other language on this earth!-)


She had no permission but I understood why she did so. Still, in one sense yes she is correct.


If it is a made-up language, it won't work with Google Translate.


Very true, or be a settable language on Instagram or my phone.


Play Indonesian music out loud and sing to it while being seen, or set your phone/laptop wallpaper to a picture of somewhere in Indonesia with clear Indonesian writings, or cook her an Indonesian food, …

I completely agree with Leafhuntress' comment, btw.


Hmm, that might work. Then again, she would probs think that is weird.

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