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A Sign of New Languages to come?

I was playing around with Firefox, using it to browse through Duolingo's image files. Nothing usual...until I found this.

Now here's something to get excited about! From what I can gather at first glance, I reckon that Swedish and Hebrew, as well another language (maybe Bengali?), will be among the next languages to be added to the incubator! We can only wait and see...

Original Image

May 21, 2014



It looks like they are simply the languages that you can choose from when applying to contribute to the incubator? If that's the case, most of those languages have been there for a long time.


Would you mind checking the image files again? Maybe they've added more languages?


They are incubator selections, but I'll say what they are (or what I think they are) below, from left to right, top to bottom.

French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, English, Irish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Ukrainian, Chinese (Taiwan's flag, probably traditional), Greek, Bengali, Arabic, Hindi (it's backwards on the bottom one) (could be one of many Indian languages), Hebrew, Korean, Vietnamese, Swedish, Chinese (China's flag, probably simplified), Czech, Thai, and Herblegerbleshurrhurrblurrfadurrsturmrpneewopertershteryerbergendinfinrinvininininin.


Wait, never mind about the Indian flag. My eyes are failing me :P

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