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Tips for Japanese

For all you Japanese learners out there, I just wanted to lend you a hand. This is especially for those who are extremely cheap and don't want to hire a teacher or buy a textbook until they absolutely have to.

Obviously, you have already found Duolingo. That's fine and all, but perhaps you need more help. Two more websites I've found that are quite similar to this one are Memrise and Busuu. Busuu also gives you contact with people who are learning the same language as you, or even people who are learning English and need your help.



We all know the most difficult part of Japanese is learning the kanji. I've found that WaniKani is extremely useful. The first three levels are free, but I would highly recommend buying the whole thing after, as it is not expensive and there is a special code to get it for 50% off.


For those of you who are more interactive learners, and want to put your Japanese to the test, there is a website that intends to teach you Japanese through anime. It allows you to save any words you want in a little dictionary, and you can choose between all sorts of Japanese subtitles based on your learning level.


I also introduce you to Misa, and her youtube channel, "Japanese Ammo with Misa." She teaches in a way that is simple to understand, and will point out things other websites may not.


This is one that is not particularly free, but I still intend to use it when I am at a more advanced level.


However, the above does have a youtube channel.


There is another website for finding Japanese and other language teachers online here:


A not-quite-free but still useful Japanese learning website here:


And finally, a Japanese dictionary, because we all need one:


If you have any more, please feel free to add below, and I appreciate you reading all of this.

February 17, 2019



Two things I used a lot:


+1 for Tae Kim, it's free and the app is very good


I will be sure to check those out!




Thanks, these are awesome resources! I also found this blog useful - it's by the same company that does WaniKani: https://www.tofugu.com/learn-japanese/

Also, I recently discovered there is a Katakana deck on TinyCards by Duolingo, which actually gives you XP on Duolingo for doing the lessons!

Finally, I'd just like to second that I also really like Japanese Ammo with Misa - I've been going through her grammar lessons (her earliest videos), which I have found very helpful.


Add me to the Japanese Ammo with Misa supporters. If I may, I would add anki (surely mentioned elsewhere). I particularly like the core2000 cards


He's a legend dude


I´m quite new to duolingo, but I learned japanese with some books before. For learning kanji I highly recommend "Remembering the kanji" by J.W.Heisig. It teaches the meaning and stroke order of every Joyo-kanji with a mnemonic devise. You will not learn the readings of it anyways, but I think RtK and Duolingo are a good combination.


Kanshudo is really helpful for Kanji too!


I'll take a look! I like your profile pic ~Bee and Puppycat is such a good cartoon


Thanks a lot!) I also can recommend this site for all who know Russian as it's made in Rusian: https://lingust.ru/japanese/japanese-lessons/lesson2


Thank you so much! Previously I was struggling in Japanese. Since I saw this, I'm flowing with the language! Tysm! ;)


No problem! I know that it is really difficult to learn, so I wanted to do what I could :)

[deactivated user]

    That looks interesting, thanks for posting this list .. domo arigato! :)


    Thank you--it is always good to have more resources of such!


    this has absolutely nothing to do with the post but oh my god that is a lot of languages


    Nothimg with the main post, but really how can you be learning such a big range of languages? Like you are a superhero or what? I really amased and don't understand it! Please, explain how you are doing this stuff!


    Thank you Corinna, you're a gem!

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks! these will help. I have got a Japanese teacher through school but she only teaches for half an hour every week.


      This is a great contribution! though I am with the question... if it's possible to learn a language without economic expenses? *but obviously, it takes more effort


      A lot of useful information. You've done a great job, thank you for your contribution.


      animelon seems like a really great resource for making learning Japanese fun!! Thanks for all the suggestions :)


      Thanks for these! I'm especially looking forward to using animelon.

      As for Kanji, I use a really good app called "Kanji Tree". It's really well made and uses a bit of gamification to make learning Kanji a less daunting experience. You can practise recognising Kanji as well as reading and writing them (including animations to show the correct stroke order). It also includes many examples of the Kanji as part of words together with their corresponding readings so you get used to seeing them in context. The Kanji are ordered in sections in the way Japanese school children would learn them and go all the way up to JLPT N1.



      minato courses are produced by japan foundation They are for free and is present from beginners to very expert.

      Moreover, many thanks for the resources you shared <3


      kanji is hard! watch out.


      I'm giving it my best! ;)


      kanji is hard but fun!






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