"नेहा और पीटर भारत में थे।"

Translation:Neha and Peter were in India.

February 17, 2019



Indian Hindi speakers and Pakistani Urdu speakers!! थे when transliterated to Roman Hindi by Indians, is written as the or thhe but why do Pakistani speakers type it as they or thay? Same with मुझे, कैसे, से, etc is written as Mujhay, kesay, say respectively by Pakistani Urdu speakers unlike mujhe,kaise,se by Indian Hindi speakers.

So, Pakistani Urdu speakers, can you please explain why is it that you all type like that?? Does the Urdu script influence you all to write it in the Roman script?

February 17, 2019


The first spelling is right. They really should use the diacritics that are used when translating sanskrit into English. It should be THE.

February 25, 2019
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