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  5. "Dimas said that to his mom."

"Dimas said that to his mom."

Translation:Dimas mengatakan itu kepada ibunya.

February 17, 2019



"Dimas mengatakan itu kepada ibunya" can you also say it this way: "Dimas bilang itu ke ibunya"?


I think "bilang" is more slang-y or casual, whereas "mengatakan" is more proper. Furthermore, technically, you use "kepada" for people, like "kepada ibu saya", "kepada petani" and "ke" for objects and places, such as "ke Jakarta", "ke rumahnya". I have heard people colloquially use "ke" for people as well, but that is definitely slang.


In the question just before it said "another correct answer is "mengatakannya" for said that

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