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"Poets write poems, not novels, don't they?"

Translation:Poetoj verkas poemojn, ne romanojn, ĉu ne?

February 17, 2019



Ĉu "poetistoj" ekzistas?


"Poeto" means "poet." In theory you could say:

  • Poeto, poetarto (poetry), poetaĵo (poem)

But going back to the earliest period of Esperanto there have actually been three words around this concept: poezio (poetry), poemo (poem, usually of greater length), and poeto (poet). All three could actually serve as a base for all three concepts:

  • poeziisto, poezio, poeziaĵo
  • poemisto, poemarto, poemo

It's not dissimilar to the situation with redakti, redaktoro, redakcio. In this case I personally use "redakti" as a base and avoid the other two. You could definitely do the same with all the poetry-related words, and I think "poemo" tends to be the one people choose if they go that route.


Aŭ "poetanoj", "poetaro"?


Poetaro, jes, la aliaj, ne.


Can you tell me why not? Isn't "poetaro" a group of poets?


I wrote "skribas" and it was not accepted. Why would that not be considered correct? (Or is it just an error in the exercise?)


Skribi usually refers to the physical act of putting pen to paper; verki is usually used to express the artistic side of creating the poems/stories/etc. There is some overlap but I guess in this exercise they're expecting verki.


Thanks, that makes sense :)

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