"6:15 pm"

Translation:Hapahā i hala ka hola ʻeono o ke ahiahi

February 18, 2019



This is what the book (1) Nā Kai 'Ewalu says: ... ahiahi: beginning of night fall; pō: full darkness, generally before midnight; aumoe: middle of night; wana'ao: early darkness and dawn period; kakahiaka: early light and toward noon; awakea: noon; 'auinalā: afternoon light moving toward evening. He mea 'ole!


Awesome insight! Mahalo!


pm should allow 'auinala, awakea, ahiahi, po (all times after 12:00 noon) to be acceptable.


I agree. It marked me wrong for using awakea instead of ahiahi.


I need to know the time difference for pm hours. I keep getting dinged and have no clear-cut guidance. It seems very arbitrary. A no-win situation. Please help me define at what time each pm word refers to!

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