"Thank you and see you!"

Translation:Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa!

February 18, 2019

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Actually selamat tinggal can mean sampai jumpa


No, selamat tinggal is more "Goodbye", and "sampai jumpa" is more "see you next time". Sampai means "to the next/until", and "jumpa" means "see".

Selamat means good, and tinggal means the fact to stay.
It's said by someone who leaves to the people who are staying. It's like "goodbye and good stay", but the English language has only goodbye.


i'm native indonesia and what i said from 3 years ago was actually right, selamat does means good, but tinggal can means like go, so it can translate into sampai jumpa. and what you said was right, but it's like can; it has two meanings can that is a tin can and can that is something you do, just like tinggal. it can means go/leave or stay


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Pew, what a long sentence...!

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