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"yuQmey HopDaq mIDmey lucherlu'taH."

Translation:Colonies were being established on distant planets.

February 18, 2019



It works like the subject is not definite, so the object takes the prefix, qar'a'.

February 18, 2019


Sort of, yes -- if the suffix -lu' for an indefinite subject is present, the prefixes are used as if the sentence's object is the subject of the verb and the object is third person singular.

Thus, for example, wI...lu' for "we are ...ed; someone ...s us" or lu...lu' for "they are ...ed; someone ...s them".

February 18, 2019


Eww... that description will inevitably lead to confusion as people start to think that objects actually are subjects.

Here's a better one: when the subject is indefinite with -lu', use a different set of prefixes than the usual ones:

Object Prefix
jIH vI-
SoH Da-
ghaH/'oH none
maH wI-
tlhIH bo-
chaH/bIH lu-

This can be illustrated with simple examples.

vIleghlu' someone sees me
Daleghlu' someone sees you (singular)
leghlu' someone sees him/her/it
wIleghlu' someone sees us
boleghlu' someone sees you (plural)
luleghlu' someone sees them

You just have to memorize these prefixes along with the others.

February 18, 2019
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