"Aamir's letter is short."

Translation:आमिर की चिट्ठी छोटी है।

February 18, 2019

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It's apparently not doing it in this text book but usually when I write an answer my Hindi IDE stacks the curly bits of ट and ठ‌ above each other. Is it just a different font or is one preferred over the other?


That's how the consonant conjuncts between ट, ठ, ड and ढ are written.

ट्+ठ=ट्ठ (with the letters stacked vertically if that's not how you see it on your screen)

If it's not displayed that way on your screen, there is some problem with your font.


Yeah so I'm not sure what the problem is. In the answer box for the question they stack vertically, in this box I get them side by side with a 'tick' underneath the first one. If I copy paste from one box to the other than each gets converted to the other one. :P


Your screen is just having problems displaying special conjuncts. I'm guessing you'll also have issues with क्र (क् +र), र्क (र्+क), ड्र (ड्+र), क्ष (क्+ष) and others.

The tick under the letter (called हलन्त ) represents a 'half-letter' that has only the consonant sound without the अ-vowel sound that is it usually comes with (so क=क्+अ). You can write all conjuncts using a हलन्त (for instance न्त in this word can be written as न् त) but this is seldom done outside of learning exercises.


My answer is not rong


Why is it choti and not not chota?


Because चिट्ठी is a feminine noun! Most nouns ending in ई are feminine nouns, that's a good way to tell


The translation should be : आमिर का चिट्ठी छोटा है । Since the person referred to is male, the sentence should follow with male pronouns.


का के की depends on the noun that comes after it, not the subject. Since चिट्ठी is feminine, की is used, regardless of the gender of the person who owns the letter. And the same goes for छोटी, you are not saying that Aamir is short, you are saying that his letter is short, and since letter (चिट्ठी) is feminine, all adjectives on it need to be in the feminine form as well.


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