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Structure of sentence

I came across this sentence "Diese Haushaltsgerate haben meine Eltern" and i asked my german friend about it and i was told that this is structured incorrectly. it should be "Meine Eltern haben diese Haushaltsgerate". So my question is, why on Duolingo is it written incorrectly?

July 14, 2012



Hi, both are correct. However, normally 'Meine Eltern haben diese Haushaltsgeräte' is used.


My understanding is that you can change the word order and put the object of the sentence first if you want to change the emphasis. Is this correct?


@Luiseadh: yes, that's correct.


thank you. i did think that because it is the same for spanish, but my german friend informed me otherwise. but thank you.


The phrase is a bit difficult. Both subject and object are plural. If you would say: "Einen Rechner haben meine Eltern nicht" it would be instantly clear, that Rechner (computer) is object. By putting the object first it gets more emphasis like in: Einen Rechner haben meine Eltern nicht, sondern eine Stereo-Anlage."


That just goes to show that even native speakers get it wrong sometimes.
Take care however to write an umlaut on Gerät.

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