Any Korean App Recommendations??? x

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your great answers and advice on my last post, I got the books you recommended and downloaded the apps. (thanks to Linh!! <3)

Are there any apps/websites that you would recommend to me??? I have LingoDeer and Memrise but I was wondering if there are any (cheap ^^'') websites/apps that are kinda like an online tutor/study buddy thingy???

Thanks so muchhhhh ~ Mia xxxxxxxxx

February 18, 2019


안녕! I hope you are well! I have a couple of apps that I have been cycling through to just expose myself to different ways of utilizing Korean. I have so many now that I have a full page for them on my iPhone haha. I'll just list them:

LingoDeer, Duolingo, and Memrise: I don't use Memrise too often, I just don't like the formatting as much as Lingo and Duo, but Memrise does supply you with some different phrases and vocab than the other too, so occasionally I will look at it. I think Lingo is the most thorough when explaining certain grammar and hangul aspects, especially at the beginning of the tree. I like to do a little of Lingo and Duo each day, and it works out because sometimes I am learning the same thing in each app so I can reinforce what I'm learning, and other times I get to work on two different things because the trees are paced differently.

Tinycards: This is by Duolingo, a mobile flashcard app. What frustrates me about it is that there are no flashcards by Duolingo that apply to the lessons they teach, almost all of the flashcard sets are user created. However today I found a great account who makes flashcard sets with vocab and grammar based off of the Duolingo lessons, so I am reinforcing what I learn with their flashcards and I'm not just studying random things. Here is the link to the person:

Papago, Naver Dictionary, Word Reference: I know this wasn't exactly what you were asking for, but it's notable to mention the dictionaries I use for Korean. I especially like Papago (made from Naver corp) because you can practice the speaking of the sentences you are learning from Lingo/Duo with the microphone option. You can speak in Korean into your phone and then Papago will generate the Korean text and its English translation. It is pretty accurate too regarding to what it hears you say. Word Reference is kind of a throw in, I use it for French for school and it is very helpful, it also has Korean. But Naver Dictionary has a lot of fun features like word/expression of the day, quizzes, grammar tips, and audio conversations you can use. I haven't checked all of these out yet, but they all seem very helpful and a good way to get something new daily.

TalkToMeInKorean: I'm sure you've heard of this if you are learning Korean, but it is worth mentioning. TTMIK provides lessons (mostly free I think) that discuss all kinds of vocab and grammar in each chapter. I don't use it too much, mostly because I started learning with Lingo and Duo and don't know which lesson I would fall under for TTMIK. So I just dabble in the lessons occasionally. What I love though is their Iyagi series! It is just a short conversation in complete Korean between native speakers. It's a way to listen to native speakers communicate naturally for a few minutes. On the TTMIK YouTube channel, you can find Iyagi episodes from beginner to advanced and discussing a wide variety of different topics. I love the YouTube Iyagi videos because the video acts as a transcript, so what they are saying appears as they say it on the screen in Korean. So you can practice reading and listening at the same time!

Infinite Korean: This app serves as a game that teaches basic vocabulary. In the game meteors are falling down towards the ground. Tapping on the meteor will reveal an image (such as an apple) and audio plays in Korean (사과), to teach you the word for apple. This continues for a bit and then the meteors will start playing audio and you will have to choose between two images (an apple or a banana) that corresponds with the audio. If you choose incorrectly the meteor will fall to the ground and you will have one strike. You have three strikes before you lose the level. There are a bunch of different topics to choose from that you unlock over time. It's a fun way to expose yourself to Korean if you are tired of studying.

Beelinguapp: This is a reading app that includes short stories or fables (some of which you have to pay, but many are free) and the app plays the Korean or English audio while providing you with the Korean and English text side by side. The format of the app annoys me, as you cannot only have the Korean text on the screen and sometimes the text is covered up by the apps features (the pause/play button etc), but it is the best reading app I could find. If you know of any others let me know. Honestly Iyagi is more beneficial for reading and following along in my opinion, but Beelinguapp is worth a visit.

Drops: This is a vocab and grammar learning app that gives you an image and the audio in Korean (of an apple/사과, for example) and you must drag the apple to the correct option of its name in Korean. There are many different kinds of vocab and each lesson has varying activities that all stem from matching the image to the text and/or spelling. Unfortunately you can only use the app for five minutes free each day, then they want you to pay $9.99 monthly, which I don't see as worth it. I think if you are focused you can learn a lot from just five minutes each day, especially when Drops is used in supplement to other apps. This app is also super aesthetically pleasing, and feels kind of like a game similar to Infinite Korean just because of how cute and colorful it is. It is helpful though! And It provides you a lot of vocabulary on certain topics, such as food, and then there are subcategories for different types of foods. So as opposed to Duo where you learn a wide but shallow amount of vocab, this app gives you deeper insight to some vocab, even if for only 5 minutes a day.

That's it for now. Of course I also listen to Korean radio, podcasts, and watch tv shows, but those are the majority of the apps I currently have. If you have any recommendations or liked anything I suggested let me know! Also are you in a Korean Duolingo club? I am not but if you are I would love to be study buddies or join a club with you to practice Korean!

Keep going strong! You're doing amazing sweetie! Have a great day/night! (Army) 화이팅! ;)

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February 18, 2019

Jeezzz!!!! Woww thanks for all the information I really appreciate it!! Army fighting xxxxx

February 19, 2019

Hi Mia (Oh! Thank you! Just a little help!)

  • This time is not a good time for me to be interested in learning Korean! Coming to the excellent student exam, I don't have much time! But I want to help my friend <3
Here are some Korean learning websites!

#1 Kosnet: Kosnet is a totally free Korean language learning site sponsored by the Korean government. To study here you must register an account for yourself. This account is logged for 2 pages is or Since this site is sponsored by the Korean government, the content will definitely be very quality! With 3 important sections: Korean Languade Study, e-book, video lectures, learners will be provided with sufficient knowledge of Korean with useful information from the culture and history of Korea!


#2 Koreanclasswith101: The same as Kosnet, the Koreanclasswith101 is also one of the websites that recommend studying for the benefits of Korean knowledge. The website also provides an extremely convenient youtube channel for learners with interesting and varied learning videos. Here, all things about Korean language, you can find the simplest grammar word to culture in the lifestyle of Korean people. Definitely with the slogan "Learn Korean in the fastest, easiest and most fun way" that the website claims, you absolutely can rest assured right.


#3 Talk To Me In Korean

I remember I introduced this web to you!


#4 Website KBS: If you are tired of learning single vocabulary and dry grammar, why not try refreshing your Korean learning with the extremely interesting conversations of the little KBS page. Here you can easily learn Korean in Vietnamese or any other language that the site allows such as: English, Chinese, Japanese ... The dialogue is quite easy to understand and is applied from real So, it is very suitable for those who are in need of learning Korean communication


#5 Memrise: Memrise is an extremely effective vocabulary learning website and should not be missed. The good news for those who are using smartphones is to have a mobile application. You can choose to study any language, of course Korean is no exception. This is a Korean vocabulary learning website built with extreme science based on brain memory. Every day, Memrise will give the learner a very clear goal and your job is to complete that goal as committed through new lessons or through revision. Each lesson will provide you with 4-5 words with a perfect phonetic version with vivid illustrations and there are always alternating examples of repeated questions to check to see if you really remember have the word and your brain recorded them yet. With Memrise, you will definitely improve your Korean vocabulary.


#6 Key to Korean: This is a very useful online Korean learning site where it provides learners with a great amount of knowledge, including online Korean classes at different levels with a simple and easy-to-use interface. use. Key To Korean is exactly the same as its name is the magic key that opens the Korean warehouse. Here, you do not need to register an account, but you can directly study it. Korean classes are divided quite specifically when there are up to 5 levels for you to choose from: Beginer, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced. English is used as the main teaching language because of its popularity and popularity. Each level is divided into 2 categories: Grammar and vocabulary with rich content and easy to apply in practice.


If you want to talk to foreigners then you can use this app!

Pop on (I use this app very often!)

Learn English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German or Russian by instantly connecting with a native speaker as either a ChatPal or Tutor. Improve your language proficiency through fun conversations and topic-driven lessons with qualified native speaker speaker tutors. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner; a student or office worker, you can start learning, anytime and anywhere.

Anyway, I hope it helps you~

Love you, Mia~

Linh <3

Aww, can I ask you this question: Talking through Duo with me do you feel I'm friendly or fastidious?
February 19, 2019

Awwwwww Linh!! Thanks for putting in the time for me UwU The things you recommended are realllly helpful

You're really clever about what you write (your English is A+!) but you are SOO friendly to me

Love you, Linh

Mia xxxxxxx

Chúc may mắn (haha that's all the Vietnamese I know!) with your test you'll do great!!


February 19, 2019
  • Haha! Not at all!

  • Thank you! I think my English is very bad! Thanks for your encouragement! Oh! Thank you! You are also very friendly!

Love you, Mia

So coolllllllll! Thanks for your encouragement! I'm worried about the test because it's quite hard! But it's okay, I think just trying is possible!

Linh <3


February 20, 2019

Hey Linh!! Thanks so much, ARMY!! You're English is great!!

Army fighting

love you, linh


February 23, 2019


February 18, 2019

Cool, I'll try it out!! xxxxx

February 19, 2019

Everyone put in great resources so I'll add my two cents:

Hangul Punch: It's a cute app for practicing Hangul when you're just started learning. It has a really cute interface with a game format so you won't get bored and learning can seem fun. Once you're advanced it teaches you vocabulary and even phrases. It works through timing so you can change the time to be a bit slower so you don't get frustrated or make the time shorter to push yourself further and improve your reading speed. Really cute and fun, its a must have.

Understand Korean: its a 30 day course app that will strengthen your basics, I still don't understand why it is so underrated if it gives you a strong foundation through which you can continue learning. Sure the app isn't full of blinking buttons or super fancy transitions and addons BUT it really gets the job done. That is if you stick to it and put in the effort, it's not hard to stick to as it does a great job of thoroughly explaining everything it needs to. It reminds me of the quote of "give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime."

These two apps are great and they're completely free. Good luck with your studies. (^-^)/

February 19, 2019

Thanks sooo much!!!! I'll definitely try them out!! xox <3

February 23, 2019

I typed in "Language Learning Aps Free" on youtube and found a lot of results. Here are some of them:

I watched these videos and I believe that they are really useful. I hoped that helped. Continue working hard and doing your best!

~Rose <3

February 18, 2019

Thanks for the links- soo helpful!!! Army fighting xxxxx

February 19, 2019

Of course. Fighting!!!

February 19, 2019

Lingodeer has a paid lifetime membership that is accessible via their website only.

February 20, 2019

Okay, thank you for clearing that up, i'll look into it! xx

February 23, 2019

I recommend memrise

February 21, 2019

Thanks for your recommendation!! xx

February 23, 2019

An app called Drops has a Korean version whuch basically teaches you loads of vocabulary where you practice learning words daily. You don't have to pay a monthly subscription to use it for free, but there are prices for extra stuff :)

February 25, 2019

Thank you! x :]]

February 25, 2019

Also even though you have to pay for ttmik books and some courses they do lpads of free videos on youtube and some free stuff on their site

February 25, 2019

Not sure if this is very helpful, but I use Kakao talk to learn more trendy words, I guess you could say? Plus it helps in conversational skills, and there's many open chats with other people learning korean, and lot's of native koreans, of course! If you want, you can add me and I can send you some people/chats that are helpful, my ID is kikiroi

March 6, 2019
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