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"Yágo dootłʼizh"


February 18, 2019



Doesn't Yágo dootłʼizh translate as Sky Blue? There are other shades of blue so why isn't Dootłʼizh by itself a correct answer?


According to this it can either be sky blue/indigo: https://glosbe.com/nv/en/y%C3%A1go


Ahéheeʼ for the answer. Speaking of different types of blue, in your opinion how accurate is Glosbe? Glancing through it right now I didn't know that the Navajo had a word for blue sharks, łóóʼ hashkéhé dootłʼizhígíí, but since anyone can post on Glosbe and no one ever cite where the information comes from I'm hesitant about using information found there.


I am wondering whether "dootl'izh" means something like "color" ? My reasoning is that the word for "green" is "tátl'idgo dootl'izh" . A commenter on the question about "green" explained that "tátl'id" means "river moss" and "-go" is an enclitic. He also said "ch'ilgo dootl'izh" also means "green" . i assume, then, that "yá" means something like "blue sky" ? Anybody know if these thoughts are correct?

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