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  5. "Inu ʻoe i ke kope huʻihuʻi?"

"Inu ʻoe i ke kope huʻihuʻi?"

Translation:Do you drink iced coffee?

February 18, 2019



Does someone know the difference between hu'ihu'i and anuanu? I'm having some issues with new vocabulary as I was taught words before and now getting new vocabulary which are claimed to have the same meaning (e.q. small= pōkole --> li'ili'i or big= lōʻihi --> nui). I'd be thankful for clearification.


Yes. Both of them are cold. Hu'ihu'i is "ice cold."


same question; the Duo dictionary (under "more") didn't even have "hu'ihu'i" (?) ("anuanu" does show as cold/chilly/cool.) Is anuanu maybe more for weather and hu'ihu'i for other things?


Ugh! Why does hu'ihu'i translate to chilled/chilly, but the answer keeps popping up as iced...that is not correct.


in English, if tea or coffee is intentionally served cold, this is usually done using ice and we call it iced tea or iced coffee. If the tea or coffee is unintentionally cold, it would not be called iced. Evidently, in Hawaiian, ke kope huihui translates either situation. Note that it also allows cold as an answer if you are asked to translate into English.


could someone tell me why 'are you drinking the cold coffee' isn't correct?

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