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"We can see you! What do you want?"

Translation:pIleghlaH! nuqneH?

February 18, 2019



Why doesnt "nuqneH" require -'a'?


Don't think of the -'a' verb suffix as if it were a question mark. You do not use it with ANY of the question words. You only use it to convert a statement into a yes/no question asking if the statement is true:
Dayaj "You understand it."
Dayaj'a' "Do you understand it?"
nuq Dayaj "What do you understand?"


nuqneH is not a question word, nor is it a sentence. It is an exclamation, used on its own to greet someone who hasn't stated their business yet and who should get on with it.

All exclamations are single words that don't get used in sentences with any other words.

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