"Mi sa che è l'inizio della fine."

Translation:It seems to me that it is the beginning of the end.

April 8, 2013

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Not sure if this is idiomatic. But "Mi sa che" = "It seems to me that"?


Idiomatic, like the English Methinks.


Can someone break down "mi sa che" grammatically? Is this the third person singular of "sapere" with "mi" as an indirect object -- something like "it knows to me that..."? (Yes, I realize that's fairly nonsensical in English, but sometimes I find it helpful to think in terms of a stupidly literal translation.)


I believe you're basically correct; but think of sapere in this case as meaning to seem, like sembrare - then it makes more sense.


Thanks! Yes, if I assume or pretend that "sa" is just a cut-down "sembra", it fits together nicely in my head.

Actually I've just headed over to Wiktionary (which I should have done in the first place) and discovered that "sapere" can also mean "to taste or to smell", which might well be the sense used here. English has similar constructions, though they're a little old-fashioned: for example, "to me, this savours of injustice!".


Yes, it is colloquial.


"I reckon that it is the beginning of the end." could this work ?


Darn tootin'. ;P :D

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